Enjoy Life


I would like to say a few things to all the people who have said that they feel few emotions.

‘Normal’ human emotion is not true emotion, it is a conditioned response.

Real love begins where normal emotion ends.

So if you don’t feel normal you may just be more real than normal.

It’s amazing how many truly good people think there is something wrong with them.

An emotional person is an unstable person, sometimes to the point of being dangerous.

All emotion comes from the past and in truth there is no past.

As a person starts to become more real, or is born more real, they experience life in ways which normal people don’t.

The thing is not to doubt myself just because I’m different.

Just be what you are and don’t create a problem of that.

What other people think of me is none of my business.

My business is enjoying this miracle called life.


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